Men's Suits

Dress must have aesthetics, when it comes to tailors & people who wear beautiful suits, they often understand the academic nature of each suit, which is rigor, accuracy, solemnity, … and principles.

Which academic things are often difficult, unfortunate, hard to wear, can not be comfortable, arbitrary change in the direction of irregularities. In this article, we would like to share with readers some things that should and should not happen when wearing a suit.

1. Should suit jackets have long or short bottom flaps?

Now we are no stranger to the fact that quite a few men wear suit jackets that flap at the bottom between their buttocks. Many ideas that this is the radical idea of a modern suit? So the advice is:

Wearing a suit with a short lower flap is a women’s privilege, so men should wear a suit with a lower flap that covers all of their buttocks.

2. Men should wear suits and sneakers shoes?

The man wearing a suit with a sneaker in the leg is still controversial. Now even some famous fashion magazines sometimes draw lines for men to suit with a sneaker. My point is very clear, first dressed like “in a classical concert, suddenly a singer came running to sing pop?” And the following is the advice:

You are a fashion lover, liberal, it will not matter much if you wear a suit with sneaker right now. The sneaker will make the suit become more dynamic, youthful and much less formal, in this way you should change something to look more casual, such as removing cravat, unbuttoning the upper button, etc.

Some other personal cases will be very uncomfortable to see suit with a sneaker, usually, people who love classic fashion and feel suit is no suit if less formal, academic. With this in mind, of course, suits and just with dress shoes, I personally belong to this case.

3. Rings, watches, … wears suit what should be worn?

Jewelry reveals the personality of men, I do not like the cumbersome, with the opinion that the less redundant details, the more condensed the more valuable men look. So if you can not “roundabout” but still have Johnny Depp-style artists, then priority clock, just one exquisite watch is more than enough, or add a ring of the same color with the same color The color of the watch is also very beautiful.

In case you like the bracelet, please wear a small bracelet with the same material, basic colors with the watch, so remember to wear next to the watch, only one and must be small.

4. How long are casual pants?

The length of the pants is also a lively topic that many people wonder. First, it is necessary to mention the term “break” in casual pants, this term indicates the degree of fracture – not seamless at the end of the pants when the length of the pant enough to touch the upper part of the shoes will create “break”.

Although clothing does not make a gentleman, it is one of the factors that make your appearance. Through dress, others will be able to make judgments about you at the first impression. And the standard for shaping a gentleman’s style consists of two elements: elegance and sophistication.

Given the current fashion trend, it is quite vague to answer the exact question “How long is enough?”. Let choose pants appropriate for your height. Besides, you should choose pants that tend to be beautiful, youthful, mature, and spoil the eyes of many people, and especially you can wear them all 4 seasons, the scenery that you choose to suit.