Men's Suits

For many people, they can hardly tell which men’s suits are beautiful, what are the differences between vest designs … However, if you have the desire to make a personal impression with a bar suit calendar and luxury, you need to learn about the suit as well as what makes a classy men’s vest.

You may not always find a satisfactory men’s vest from the first try. There are times when you find a ready-made suit with colors and materials like that but want to have a personal impression for your own vest. So, the 5 men’s vest details below will be a useful reference for you when needed.

The Cuffs

The buttons on the cuffs of men’s suits are called “surgeon’s cuffs” or “working cuffs”. The name dates back to the 19th century when military doctors wore suits even when they performed surgeries or first aid operations on the battlefield. The cuffs will make it easier for doctors to roll up their sleeves to work without getting dirty.

However, today, this button is often retained as a decorative detail for suits and does not have the opening/closing effect as before. However, you can “tailor” these buttons to add value to your men’s vest. Instead of having a button for decoration purposes, ask them to be meticulously designed and usable. These buttons are also a sign of the suit you wear.

Note that if you design this button, leave out the last button not installed. This is the “rule” that shows you are a person who knows how to wear delicate suits. In addition, you can request tailoring sleeve styles.

The number of standard buttons is usually four buttons. There are three types of buttons that are stitched on the sleeve: buttons that are stitched so that each button touches each other, stitches so that they are slightly overlapping and the type of stitches that do not touch. This is a way to imply “showing off” that you have a “tailored” men’s vest.


If you want to wear suits that are not only elegant but also elaborate, be sure to add stitching stitches. This is a sewing technique with a simple stitch that runs through several fabrics, revealing a very short line of stitches on the outside of the garment.

Your men’s suits look more “invested” in-depth with these seams in the lapel, flap pockets or on the chest pockets.


This is a small hole like a button on the left lapel. Although it is flawed, the right side of the lapel has no buttons. So what is the meaning of the hole in the left lapel?

For those “connoisseurs” of a suit, the buttonhole is the signature of the tailor of a men’s vest. Buttonhole requires meticulous attention, sophistication, and concentration to be able to make a personal impression on the vest with just a few lines around the hole.

If you do not have your own tailor to “transform” this small detail, you absolutely can wear an extra pin or a small flower in this position. Don’t forget to put on a vest scarf so these accessories complement each other perfectly. However, you should avoid adding these details to your vest when wearing it on occasions such as business meetings or when wearing black cravats.

Ticket pocket

Inspired by the James Bond movie, the ticket pocket or the third pocket of the vest is usually above the pocket next to the shirt, in the right position and often with a lid. You can add this design to your men’s vest to further emphasize the “handmade” investment in your vest.

Note that the design of the extra pocket will be exactly the same as the design of the vest pocket right below it. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and enhancing the value of a suit, this extra bag is also the ideal place for you to keep your business cards, bills and change.

The inner lining of the men’s suit

Although the innerwear, as well as the details, are often overlooked when men choose to buy a vest, the lining plays an important role in supporting the vest to promote cooling or keeping warm for the wearer.

You can cleverly “play” with this detail by choosing the types with colorful motifs or striking single colors. Surely the opposite will be impressed by your different lining selection!