Men's Shirts

Shirts are one of the weapons that create attractive, masculine for men. A guy who knows how to choose a nice shirt and knows which type of shirt will suit each situation will easily get the partner’s sympathy.

Everyone knows, shirts are one of the indispensable items in men’s closet. However, the big mistake is that men only wear one or two types of shirts for all cases: from working to going out, even going to parties. Let AlibaNews introduce 8 types of shirts that every man should have as well as each situation to use for each type!

1. Oxford Button-Down

Born in the 19th century, with a simple, classic design, Oxford shirts are still an essential fashion item for men in the wardrobe today. The conspicuous way of recognizing an Oxford shirt is the “button-down” style of neck (foldable neck with button), which helps to fix the collar from being buckled when moving. In addition, the Oxford shirt has a slightly rough surface because it is made from two – threads.

A short-sleeved Oxford shirt suitable for everyday activities or casual occasions. This is also a great option during the summer when you pair with shorts or chinos pants.

The long-sleeved Oxford shirt is suitable for both casual and formal events because of its simple, elegant and sophisticated form. You can combine it with blazer, sport jacket or just wear irregular shirts. You can also roll up the sleeves and open one or two buttons on the neck to create a youthful, modern image.

2. Dress Shirt

Dress shirt is the name for the tailored made or ready-made shirts. They have a sturdy, long-sleeved neck and meticulously buttoned buttons on the cuffs or cuffs that often have holes for cuff links. Gentlemen who choose instead of buttons usually choose Shrit dress for special occasions such as luxurious parties, meeting partners, interviews … Dress Shirt possesses a simple shape, colors favor elegant courtesy, Gentle as white

Dress shirts focus on the collar: button-down shirts on normal working days, if you need a bit more formal and elegant you can choose the forward point collar (classic) and cutaway (innovation, the end of the collar design break). Dress shirts are often combined in the same place in elaborate tuxedos for luxurious parties and high dress  code requirements. Not as flexible as other shirts, dress shirts are only used on such occasions.

3. Cuban collar shirt

The Cuban shirt is one of the typical casual items that expresses the freedom of youth and the summer. The identification of this type of shirt is a soft and wide collar, short sleeves, standing form and colorful motifs eye-catching. A note for the boys when combining Cuban shirts with other items: Shirts are always the focal point for implementing color schemes in costumes.

Choose pants with the same color and different shades, if you like try to add a slender T-shirt. A pair of sandals is probably a great choice for feet on hot summer days. And do not forget to unbutton to complete the style of the boys!

4. Overshirt

With the characteristics of thick fabric that can keep warm well, combining a wide and comfortable form, overshirt is a popular fashion item, suitable for wearing in cold weather.

To create a highlight for this shirt, you can combine several layers: Overshirt with white pullover or thin knit shirt to bring a comfortable, youthful and extremely dynamic image.