Men's Shirts

Everyone knows, shirts are one of the indispensable items in men’s closet. However, the big mistake is that men only wear one or two types of shirts for all cases: from working to going out, even going to parties. Let AlibaNews introduce 8 types of shirts that every man should have as well as each situation to use for each type!

5. Flannel

Flannels was born for the casual style, a spacious checkered shirt, a white T-shirt and ripped jeans are a simple combination, providing maximum comfort. In addition to possessing motifs “multicolored”, the shirt has many different colors: depending on the pursued style then you choose hot or cold colors.

Young men can choose hot shirts like black red, blue, yellow, brown … and combine with multi-layer style. For guys who have an elegant style, but still want a little room, the neutral colors like black, white, blue, black will not be a bad choice.


Most guys don’t know the existence of a chambray shirt, or are sometimes confused with a variety of shirts like demin or linen.

A chambray shirt will always be thinner, softer and brighter than a denim shirt if in the same shade and harder to wrinkle than a linen shirt. Another special feature is that both chambray fabrics are identical, so a shirt does not have too much difference between the inside and the outside.

7. Denim

Denim shirts must be a name that is not new to men who love dusty and cool style. T-shirts, matching with jeans of different tones or simple khaki pants. Men usually associate with white T-shirts worn inside. However, with dark shirts, you can wear them with a black or dark T-shirt, the effect will surprise you.

If you often wear a business suit or blazer or when you go to a party, try refreshing a denim shirt by matching it with a vest. with navy blue and dark gray blazers.

Darker denim jackets fit well with beige or mossy vest. This new combination will enhance your fashion style significantly.

8. Linen cloth

On hot summer days, shirts made from linen are always the preferred choice for men because of their soft, cool, and good moisture-absorbing properties. One feature is that linen fabric often wrinkles after washing, but you do not need to iron because after a period of wear the creases will disappear automatically.

You can combine light neutral linen shirts for workdays and comfortable with colorful short-sleeved shirts for the same jeans, sports shoes for outings, walking around.