Men's Shirts

Part 1: Ironing shirt

It may seem like a simple daily task, but for busy office men, this is a way that takes a lot of time and even requires the help of relatives. So have you ever asked the question you can iron fast and effective?

First, you need to prepare:

  • Iron (set at a specified temperature or not too hot and test through a piece of undershirt once to check)
  • Ironing board
  • Water spray
  • Freezer

Step 1: Spray water on the entire shirt

This is very important to moisten the shirt

Step 2: Put the shirt in a bag

Step 3: Leave in the freezer for 1 hour or longer

Is this the first time you’ve heard the strange thing about how to iron shirts effectively? “The dampened and chilled shirt will be ironed more quickly because the iron can easily glide over the chilled fabric,” said the expert. However, this step is completely optional, if it takes too long you can skip steps 2 and 3 to switch from steps 1 to 4 always.

Step 4: Remove all buttons

Step 5: Ironing the collar, from the inside out

Ironing the shirt inside and out will help prevent the corners of the shirt from bouncing

Step 6: Ironing the shoulders

Step 7: Open the cuff of your sleeve and iron from the inside out

Step 8: Put the sleeves according to the folds and lines

Step 9: Iron the rest in the way you like

Step 10: Receive your accomplishments with a beautiful shirt

Part 2. How to wear a shirt

The shirt is an indispensable item in the wardrobe of men. But are you sure you know how to wear a nice and proper shirt?

On a fairly wide color palette, white shirts still have a definite foothold. For men, a white shirt is as important as an expensive pair of shoes or a luxury watch. The white shirt speaks of elegance and elegance not found in other tones, suitable for workplaces or luxurious parties.

Perfect white shirts must ensure the criteria of fit, thick buttons (preferably nacre), made of high-quality cotton with excellent quality. White shirts are most beautiful when they are clean, buttoned, ironed straight and fit.

You should buy a new one when the collar turns yellow. When paired with jeans and a sports jacket, the white shirt seems to break all the old standards, which is not safe and boring. To attract attention, it is possible to mix white shirts with costumes such as Western uniforms and dark ties and white pocket towels.

Combine shirt with tie

  • Tail leg of a tie: Perfect if the pointed end of the tie has just touched the waistband (provided that the waist is just above or on the hip bone).
  • Sharpening the tie bottoms: After tying the tie, use your fingers to create two wavy and straight-wed soles at the bottom of the tie.
  • Tighten correctly: Gently tighten the knot to match the collar, leaving no space under the collar.
  • Fixing tie: The tie rod will be installed from the wearer’s right, fixation tie with the body of shirt in front of the breastbone
  • Check the neck: The collar will fit and comfortable when you put a finger on the sides of the neck without feeling tight.
  • Make a mark: Western men love to make a difference by adding favorite characters on shirts. The most beautiful and classic position is the middle point just below the pocket because it is easy to see but not obvious.