Men's Shirts

3. Plain flannel shirts

This is probably the Flannel shirt that surprised many people. Flannel has become so popular for its striped or checkered outfits, but the smooth flannel is equally impressive. While the texture of Flannel will give us a slightly more casual color, with a plain shirt, the wearer will bring a completely calm and “mature” style. Smooth Flannel shirts can also replace everyday business oxford shirts and will feel more comfortable thanks to their smooth material.

4. Hooded Flannel shirts

An interesting and functional variation of a Flannel shirt is the cone-shaped Flannel. It is not difficult to realize that this is a smart combination of Flannel shirt and hoodie, two key fashion styles of streetwear style. This will be an impressive flannel option for your wardrobe, and the hat will help you weather the rain.

5. Flannel shirt jackets

Continuing is an interesting kind of Flannel fabric – jacket. Extremely warm, handy, Flannel shirt coats will be the perfect companion for your winter wardrobe.

6. Lined Flannel Shirts

This is an extremely effective fashion solution for cold days. Lined with Borg cloth or woolen or woolen fabrics, the Flannel lining is the perfect outer layer for winter outfits, shirts or sweaters. With undergarments, there will usually be a pocket on the inside of the jacket, which is handy for storing your wallet or phone.

The common colors of Flannel shirts

1. Red

Red is the most popular color of the Flannel line. With this color, you will have a bold rock style of ā€˜nā€™ roll and grunge. Choose a checkered shirt for this color, and try to choose 3 shades of red-black-light red. That way, you will avoid looking like a picnic blanket, and more stylish. Red Flannel with a black t-shirt, skinny jeans and boots will be the perfect combination.

2. Black

Like red, a black flannel shirt also has a grunge feel to the wearer. With large checkered shirts, this color will be extremely pronounced. Therefore, black is extremely suitable for thorny boys. When wearing black flannel, wear them with jeans and sneakers of the same color. For a more organized look, try small or non-textured shirts with dark blue jeans.

3. Green

Green flannel will be quite impressive and can go with many different styles. One of them is country/lumberjack (American rural working farmers). Go with this shirt can be blue jeans and brown boots. Normally, the green flannel will accentuate the blue boxes on the shirt, so the tones will become more gentle. Therefore, the Flannel color will be extremely suitable for soft white skin.

4. White

A white flannel will make your clothes come alive. White will brighten your outfit, and give the viewer a softer feel. This will be a reasonable choice for seasonal delivery. Take white as the main color, and follow gray or navy checkered shirts. As a neutral color, the white flannel can go with any outfit.

5. Gray

Gray flannel is a smart choice when you are going to appointments that need a bit of decent. To ensure the sophistication of clothes, choose small shirts or small checkered. Textures too large will make the shirt more casual. Also, chino pants and a pair of brogue will match the gray flannel.

6. Brown

Finally, brown flannel. This is also a notable color for the flannel line. The brown color will be an impressive highlight, full of warm feeling for the autumn-winter outfits. And yes, with flannel fabric, you will feel really warm. With Brown Flannel, you can choose from tones from bright camel to rich chocolate. In the fall, go with sandy chino. Black jeans are more suitable for the winter, while blue jeans are a good choice in the early spring.