Men's Suits

Each of us has our own appearance and body measurements. That is why you should choose the outfit and style that suits your physique. This is also an important consideration when you plan to invest in an expensive suit yourself. You can’t afford to buy things that aren’t right for you and then throw them away.
A well-fitting suit not only helps the gentlemen look more handsome, but also can completely cover up the body flaws. Here are some suggestions that you can consider:

Big and tall body         

– Do choose: Dark blue suit. The trousers are sewn, pants are folded and sewn seamlessly.

– Do not choose: Men’s vest has a horizontal pattern to reveal weaknesses in the body; Stripe pattern will help you look taller.

Tall and thin body

– Do choose: A vest with horizontal patterns helps to overcome the disadvantages of a thin body. You can also choose a three-button vest to match the upper body ratio. Trousers should also follow the straight form. In addition, for formal parties, you can also choose a three-layer vest (3-piece suit) in Gatsby style with an extra vest on the side to help you look fuller.

– Do not choose: Plaid texture only makes you look taller and unbalanced; Tight-fitting vest designs or skinny pants will make you look thinner

Short and fat body

– Do choose: A vest with a deep V-neck cut will help the upper body to be longer. V-neck sweaters have the same effect. The pure black vest will also help you look slimmer and more elegant.

– Do not choose: Vest with horizontal or plaid pattern dividing the body into horizontal sections; You should also avoid sewing pants in loose form

Short and thin body

– Do choose: A vest with two – buttons which is proportional to the upper body. You should also choose a vest made by Corduroy or Wool to help your body look fuller.

– Do not choose: Baggy designs accidentally will make the body shape unbalanced. The right measurement is an important factor to help you look well groomed. The black vest will also make you look smaller. Choose gentler colors like gray, or off-white color for parties or weddings.

cach chon ao vest nam dep theo dang nguoi-elle man6

Today, suits are not only for elegant gentlemen at parties or office guys. But it is also gaining popularity among young people with street style trends. What is more wonderful than when you wear on a classy outfit combined with the most fashionable hair style. Make sure to appear anywhere you will be the center of all attention, attracting all eyes to see.