Men's Suits

Wearing good quality men’s suits will make men feel like they are wearing a luxurious outfit that is worth a fortune. However, if you accidentally choose the wrong men’s suit, the joy of wearing a new suit will not last long, and you will begin to regret the money you have spent to buy this suit.

This article will show you how to “identify” a men’s suit for money. Sometimes, branding is not enough for you to decide to spend money to buy men’s suits, no matter how beautiful. With only these signs, you will immediately be able to avoid unnecessary errors when “buying a suit”.

1. Perfect fit

More than just a suit – a suit that is worth taking home should be a suit that fits your body perfectly and makes you absolutely comfortable to wear. This is also the leading factor to evaluate a men’s vest. The price to buy a vest is not small, why spend money on the vest does not help you look more elegant or make you feel comfortable?

Usually, poor quality suits are ones made in sloppy mass production by craft workshops, “one hundred pieces as one”. Usually, these men’s suits will only pay attention to the size of the chest and the length of the shirt as a measure to produce the men’s suits.

When buying good men’s suits, pay attention to the small details in the shirt design such as the length of the sleeves, the shoulders, the tightness when buttoning the shirt … It is better to choose the vest according to your body shape to ensure that the suit has the best fit.

2: Fabric material

Do you know how to choose the fabric for a basic suit? For starters, you should choose high-quality wool fabrics. Ask the seller or check the shirt tag to see what the wool fabric of the shirt is. Currently, wool fabrics from Australia and New Zealand are favored for their strength and uniform quality.

Using high-quality wool to make men’s suits is an important criterion because this fabric is durable, naturally sourced so you will wear them both winter and summer. If you are more careful, you can learn and buy lightweight, superior quality and more luxurious, nicer and more expensive woolen fabrics.

3: Vest lining

If the suit you’re going to buy has a cheap lining or even no lining, throw them away immediately.

What is the point when you have to choose comfortable, breathable material that suits your inner lining but not? The inner lining of a shirt is usually made from fabric or man-made materials, however, materials such as rayon (the name of artificial fiber, almost like cotton) are made from cellulose-based materials (powders). wood, rags …) from nature … will be a sign that the suit is of high quality.

4: Stitching

A quality men’s suit is made entirely by hand by skilled tailors. Some cheaper but more beautiful suits will have half of the stitches made by machine or all sewing by machine.

What is the difference between manual and machine sewing? That’s how to sew the chest. Manual sewing will be easy to follow the curve to the chest and the sewing machine will skip this part. So, meticulously tailored suits will have a softer, more beautiful form.