Men's Suits

Which wedding vest trends are being suggested by fashion experts for grooms with sophisticated style and style? While you know that grooms usually choose wedding outfits with much simpler steps than the bride, if you want to upgrade your elegant appearance to match your splendid partner wedding day, then surely this article about trends wedding suits for men 2020 will be useful for you.

The trend of choosing slim fit wedding suits

It’s undeniable that the classic wedding vest designs are always a safe choice for a formal appearance on the big day. However, the majority of the young grooms today prefer the “softer” suits, not the thick, standing out suits like they used to be.

In 2020, the trend of choosing slim fit wedding dresses, hugging, flattering but still allowing the wearer to exercise freely is the most popular trend. Moreover, the slim-fit design is an easy-to-wear style, even for tall grooms. Currently, quality ready-made wedding vest shops are always full of diverse suits for every groom, suitable for all types of forms. Come to the famous brands to be consulted by experts.

The trend of choosing a wedding vest with unique – strange colors

If you have learned about wedding dresses or how to wear beautiful wedding dresses in general, you will surely know that the basic colors like black, gray, navy are always the most chosen vest colors.

However, in recent years, the world of wedding vest has changed drastically to new and creative wedding vest colors. Many famous people wore brightly colored suits or floral motifs on the red carpet, and seeing eye-catching colorful suits was no longer rare on the big streets.

Therefore, your 2020 wedding vest has many more extremely stylish and stylish options. Note that it’s the color of your suit should be suitable for the wedding theme so you don’t get “lost” on the big day.

If you’re looking for a youthful wedding vest, the bright colors like blue, green or pastel pink, burgundy, red maroon, forest green, classic blue … definitely stylish and stylish.

In addition, you can also choose patterns such as checkers, plaid, window plaid or floral motifs … to look more prominent on the wedding day.

The trend to choose wedding vest with accessories

Along with the trend of weddings gradually shifting from a traditional event to a more personalized and simplified event, the choice of a wedding vest is also gradually focused more on the details. Highlight the personality, personal imprint of the groom.

Therefore, the groom does not necessarily follow the rules of wearing a classic vest. Instead, the trend of choosing a wedding dress in 2020 will include the selection of accessories that come with the suit so that the groom will be creative and express personal style.

Cravat or bow: choose the suitable bow or cravat for your wedding suit. If you choose a classic wedding vest, the black/white bow/cravat is always a reasonable choice. If you want a more sophisticated suit, you can choose the “strange” colors such as yellow, eggplant, slate blue or mint.

Watch: surely your usual stylish Apple Watch is a smart and sporty accessory, but it doesn’t fit into a wedding suit. Invest in big basic watches, bright metal, or leather straps or vintage watches (if your wedding has this style).

Vest scarf: do not leave a vest scarf is just a dull scarf in the chest of a shirt. Please choose a color scarf to suit the wedding vest and bow tie. The secret here is that the color of the scarf should not be the same color as the tie or bow. Instead, the color of the scarf should complement a color found on a tie or bow completely contrasting color.

Leather shoes: similar to wedding vest colors, dynamic and stylish owners do not necessarily have to choose the black shoe color as the only color for the wedding day. You can choose from European style shoes for youthful designs to subtle patterns or even new colors such as crimson, dark blue, red velvet …

Eyeglasses: the choice of eyeglasses (we are not talking about myopia glasses) will depend on the location of your wedding. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or a beachfront wedding, consider choosing a pair of stylish glasses to not only protect your eyes but also duplicate your look!