Men's Suits

Men’s suits such as Korean men’s suit, navy blue men’s suit … are being favored by many men in 2020

The suit is used to dress up the masculine and elegant appearance of men. Not only that, but it also brings a sense of confidence, strong for men.

If you are looking for a nice, trendy vest, please refer to the article below!

1. Men’s suit in deep blue

This is a form of the suit with high-quality fabric, durable so it will not wrinkle or ruffled during wearing and washing. With this outfit, you can wear oxford shoes and some black accessories such as belts, handbags … to increase accents. This vest is suitable for different situations such as: Applying for a job, going to a party …

2. Korean style men’s suits

In recent years, Korean style men’s suits have been increasingly favored by men for their diversity in designs. It gives the boys a youthful, dynamic but equally elegant appearance.

3. Men’s suit with simple motifs

If people used to prefer simple-colored suits before, 2020 will be the rise of the simple men’s motifs. Men have more choices with checkered vest designs, horizontal lines … with accentuated embroidery motifs.

Note when choosing a male suit:

  • Fabric material: Suit fabric can be made of many different materials but it is still best made of wool fabric
  • Check the seam: Note on the outside, if you see the seam stitching should not buy that set
  • Check buttonholes: Although not close buttons but this is also a part of the quality of the product

A few small variations in colors, patterns, and cuts will help men become more attractive, more youthful with the kind of costumes that are traditionally considered and elegant. The suit becomes a familiar outfit for men because of its simple, elegant appearance but no less luxurious. However, they are always defaulted to make the boys look older.

Rules when wearing a suit

The suit is one of the fashionable items that any guy should have in his closet for formal events. And did you know that buttoning can also reveal whether you’re a gentleman and fashion-savvy?

Did you notice that in all cases, except the one button, the last button is always untied? Do you know why there are such strange rules?

Fashion experts who work for the prestigious GQ magazine said that this habit dates back to the time of King Edward VII, which ruled England from 1901 to 1910. This king was famous for having eating habits … like a king, full of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dinner, late-night, every meal has so many dishes.

As a result, King Edward became fat and full, his stomach tense, making his clothes uncomfortably cramped. Therefore, he has a habit of removing the last button to ease breathing. From there, the courtiers began to imitate this style of the king, partly to help soothe him.

Finally, all men throughout the UK and elsewhere began to apply this style as a unique fashion trend. And so far, it has always proved to be a lasting trend with time, even in modern suits.

For women’s suits and blazers, which prefer fashion and style over form, this formula is applied the same as a men’s vest. The thing is, most female suits have only 1 button, and the wear button is attached right below the chest to enhance the charm of the body.